Innovative guitarist, and inventor of DADGAD tuning, Davey Graham (former resident of Lyme Street, Camden Town) is to be commemorated with a Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council blue plaque on Saturday 26 November, at the place of his birth: Bosworth Park Infirmary (now Bosworth Hall - a Britannia Hotel in Market Bosworth).


Tom Baxter, who co-wrote and recorded the modern day classic 'Better', is to unveil Davey Graham's blue plaque, assisted by Patrick Taylor from Bosworth and Hinckley based 'Jam Music School'.


Carol Ballard, partner of the late Davey Graham, said: "The only music Davey listened to on the afternoon of his passing - 15 December 2008 - was by Tom Baxter. It is fitting that the musician who gave comfort to Davey in his final hours, be present at a commemoration of his birth."


Tom Baxter, who will perform at the Tithe Barn, Bosworth Battlefield on the evening of the unveiling said: "What a great honor to be asked to represent Davey Graham. My father introduced me to Davey's music when I was around 13 and as I made my first explorations into the possibilites of how I could use the guitar in a more interesting way - Graham's influence was at the forefront of that expansion for me."


Directly after the unveiling ceremony, Tom Baxter will introduce a concert inside Bosworth Hall featuring children from Jam Music School and their tutors. The children will play selected songs that Davey Graham either wrote or had an influence on.


Carol Ballard said: "Dave and Rachel Carter - with their team at Jam Music School - are ensuring Davey's musical legacy has relevance to a new, and younger generation of musicians. They prove that Davey Graham wasn't about creating musical barriers but about dismantling them. Expect the unexpected."


Money will be raised for 'Wishes 4 Kids' a Leicester based charity for life-limited children.





Blue Plaque for Davey Graham's Birthplace

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