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'He was a quiet giant in the world of guitar. It is certain that many of the greats will have borrowed from him immensely and probably never knew it!'

Tom Baxter


'...fond memories of Davey, who apart from anything else was a great hero of mine as he was my brother Dave. So many memories and yet two remain, the first being when Davey borrowed my guitar at Richmond while my band was on a break and produced an amazing demonstration of musical skill that still thrills me to this day. The second was when he gave me a private concert after one of my concerts in Vienna in the 1970's. Times like that will stay with me all my life. He was and will remain the greatest exponent of jazz-blues-folk an original. Inspirational and much loved.'

Very best

Ray Davies


' . . . for me he was the absolute best acoustic guitar player there was . . . not because of his technical skill,  there are a few who are arguably better,  but for the raw and gritty unforgiving way in which he treated the instrument.  you didn't just get notes with davey,  you got the guitar's wire and wood groaning and flinching with every stroke . . . renbourn is almost too good,  bert almost too clean . . . davey had the guts of a swashbuckling gypsy and the pioneering mentality of an explorer . . . he went to the mad places first,  cut the paths that others trod later.  god bless you davey graham.  xxxx . . .


graham c' (coxon)


'E, A, D, G, B, E. In the early 1960's a musician called Davey Graham broke musical boundaries. Guitar players amongst us know that the letters beginning this forecast are the names of the notes of the six strings, from low to high. They are, in fact, what defines each chord shape on a guitar. Davey, inspired when he heard another stringed instrument, an oud, being played in Morocco, started experimenting with different ways to tune his own guitar. You now have a chance to re-tune your own priorities, rip up the rulebook and set your imagination free.'

Oscar & Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes (for Leo, Tuesday, 31 May 2016)


Oscar Cainer sent the following message: I'm very pleased that Davey's life is getting the recognition it deserves with a Blue Plaque. I'll be thinking of him and all in Bosworth (on 26 11 16) and wish you all the best on this important occasion to mark an inspirational talent and unique soul.




Davey Graham