Welcome to my website, which in the run up to 26 11 16, will be dedicated to my late partner, Davey Graham.


Davey and I met in 1980 when I was a contributor to an Acoustic Music Magazine. I was looking for a guitar teacher, and as my editor wanted me to secure an in-depth interview with Davey Graham - a musician I knew little about - I went knocking on his door. Within a couple of days Davey had: sold my steel string guitar at Camden Market; taken me down Denmark Street where he picked out my new guitar - a cracked Spanish one in need of attention; courted me with troubadour love songs; bathed my feet in rose water; and introduced me to the wonders of taqasim and the Arabic oud. The intention of securing an interview had completely gone from my mind.


Davey talked a lot about his past and current musical interests, but little of his achievements. It was only after knowing Davey for some time - when I was compiling his press cuttings and fragmented pages into 2 cloth bound scrapbooks - that I realized that: it was he who had invented DADGAD tuning; he who had written Angi; and he who was a precursor of - what was beginning to be called - World Music. These achievements were the foundation from which Davey's lifelong vocation as a musician and composer grew. His influence cannot be understated - for guitarists of his generation and beyond, he was, and is, the King.


Everyone has their own memories of Davey: times shared through personal connection or musical experience. I have mine too, and the journey towards making this day possible has been a personal one. My driving force is expressed serendipitously in Tom Baxter's song - The Uncarved Block - it's about giving back to Davey what was already his.


Davey and I shared a relationship that was private to us and deeply respectful. We stood by each other: as lovers, as friends, as partners. I continue to stand by Davey today and look forward to the commemoration of his exceptional musical abilities on what would have been his 76th birthday.


Ne Oublie a King.

Till Bosworth,

Carol Ballard

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