Davey Graham's Blue Plaque Unveiled

There is a quote by Woody Allen that Davey Graham liked very much and this is it: "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I'd rather achieve it by not dying. I don't want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen: I want to live on in my own apartment." Sadly Davey didn't get to live on in his old apartment.

But the good news is: Today Davey Graham is moving back to his original gaff. Thank you Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and Britannia Hotels for accomodating Davey Graham - once again - here at Bosworth Hall.


Bosworth Hall, as Bosworth Park Infirmary, welcomed Davey's mother - and many mothers to be - at a time when the likely possibility was, that there would be no tomorrow for them or their unborn children. It was a time when - united in fear - there was no option but to live in the intensity of the here and now. Luckily Davey, Valerie and Jeanette - the three babies born here 76 years ago today - were amongst the lucky ones who survived that time of terror.


Davey was grateful for the opportunities he received in life: for being able to persue his dream of living a full life as a musician. He was grateful for: the kindness of the stranger who bought him his first guitar; for loyal friends like The Flynn Brothers; and for beloved Florence O'Brien who passed on her home to Davey at a time when he was left out in the cold. Davey Graham understood that being "exceptional" sometimes simply meant that you were given a chance. The work of JAM Music School and the Wishes 4 Kids Charity reflect that part of Davey's legacy.


On the last day of his life, Davey Graham wished for nothing more than to pick up his guitar and play. That opportunity was denied to Davey. His guitars had been removed from his home without his consent. On that very painful day, it was Tom Baxter's music that carried Davey, and Tom Baxter's music that gave Davey comfort. For that I am forever grateful.


Davey was generous with his time, and generous with his musical gifts; whatever he had he shared with others. He explained in many interviews that he was all about authenticity, and that he was not about categories or levels.


Davey Graham was a good man; a generous man in a tightfisted world; a Maverick and a Man of Intensive Quality. Without Davey Graham there would be no... Davey Graham. But HE was; and I believe Davey still IS.


Kind thoughts go to Davey's two daughters and their families...and to his other child, who's brief life he cherished so lovingly.


Ne Oublie: David Michael Gordon (Woolford) Graham.


Carol Ballard

3.30pm 26th November 2016, Bosworth Hall


Above photograph (Left to Right): James Flynn (musician friend of Davey's), Paula McAlistair (Wishes 4 Kids),

Tom Baxter, Carol Ballard, Valerie Batty (also born at Bosworth Hall on 26 November 1940), Geoff Styche

(Market Bosworth Society), Dave Carter (JAM Music School), Councillor Stan Rooney (Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council).